Is your site safe and secure to browse & shop?


Our Site is safely secured by using top SSL Secure Encryption, constant server backing and monitoring, with decades of experience to make sure, You will never miss a thing!

On which audio format you are selling music on this site? this site are selling music on physical product cd’s and digital downloads on the audio format of Flac Audio Files. anywhere in the world.

The audio files in Flac format available to buy on our site as ‘DOWNLOAD‘ are Premium Quality Audio at high resolution and sounding better than Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and any other digital audio service.

Can i buy any music from this site using my smart mobile phone or tablet device?


You can buy our music and any other item from this site safely and securely using the latest smartphones or digital tablet from anywhere in the world, wherever you are, as long you have a good internet connection speed.

Do I need to download an app to be able to play high quality Flac audio files on my mobile smartphone?


When you do purchase and download any songs from our online shop from any album on Flac HD audio files at high quality, you will be able to play the music straight in any Apple IPhone, Apple Tablet and on the very latest Android smartphones and Android tablet as an example such as the Samsung brand.

Please do check with the manufacture specs of your device beforehand to make sure.

Do you offer any Audio Preview listening experience to anyone visiting this site and / or willing to buy music?


We do offer a 30 seconds audio preview listening experience for every and each song from any album or single before you buy or to anyone browsing this site at anytime, as it shows clearly in this screenshot in here and at the product page directly from our shop.

If i will purchase any music from this site, will I encounter any downtime to download on my smartphone or tablet device?


We are using secure encryption and instant monitoring backing directly connected, to make sure you will never encounter any site downtime during the download process thereafter the purchase, as we store everything directly on our secure top servers and we are not using any other third parties clouding hosting such as amazon clouding like some others do.

What does mean Flac Audio files?

Flac Lossless or commonly know as “Apple Audio Lossless Compression” are the highest quality commercial digital audio format available at the present, a lot better than heavier and loss audio quality MP3 . You can read, more tech and info’s specifications from Wikipedia click here.

Which type of secure gateway payment on your site do you offer?

Our customers and worldwide fans are very important to us and as we are an ever growing global company we want also to make you feel safe at anytime and whenever you do shopping with us, which mean our secure payment processing is done by our official partners Stripe or Paypal connected directly from our online secure website worldwide.

Do you provide Real Time Delivery Tracking & Trace System for any physical products been purchase on your Shop?


We do provide Real Time Tracking Delivery System Worldwide by Royal Mail for every physical item(s) been purchase on our Store and directly from our secure online customer account and by email.

Just click on the TRACKING NUMBER to see in Real Time the where about of your Purchase.
Just click on the TRACKING NUMBER to see in Real Time the where about of your Purchase.

Where do you deliver your selling physical and digital products?

We do deliver worldwide.

Do you store any credit or debit card information on this site?


Our secure payment processing is done by our official partners Stripe or Paypal and we do not store any card details.

I am trying to Sign in (Login) on my secure customer account online after six months but this won’t let me, why?

Our secure global business servers are automatically programmed to remove any customer registration and data therein precisely after six months of inactivity or none purchases from our online shop anywhere in the world.

If i will make any purchase from this site, where i can find my orders?

We have a secure login account in real time for all our customers in one very simple tab and deliver all your orders at any time. (see screenshot)

Secure login customer order screenshot.

If i will make any purchase from this site, where i can find my download(s) audio files?

We have a secure login account in real time for all our customers, where you can get all your music download purchases in one very simple tab and deliver it at any time straight and directly into your phone and smart portable device such also as laptops and tables anywhere in the world.

Secure login customer download screenshot.

Can i download more than one time on my smart device after the purchase?


All our digital music are available to download instantly and directly from your customer account, for two consecutive times and for the length of 24 hours from the moment you will complete the purchase as clearly it shows on this illustration above.

Delivery times for any physical products purchase such as Cd’s, artworks, fashion item, tickets, live events from this site.

We normally dispatch any physical product from this site within 3 to 5 working days from the date of the purchase once the order has been successfully made and paid in full to us.

Note: Virtual, downloadable and any digital items including music files and electronic tickets for live events, will be made instantly electronically available on the secure customer account upon successfully electronically been paid in full to us.

Warranty, Return & Refund Policy

We will accept only returns or making any refund, for items been purchased that during the delivery process by unforeseen circumstances will be delivered completely with clear unusable evident damages only.

For more info’s and a longer read, please also visit our Privacy Policy page.

Last update on 22 March 2022

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