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The Very Best Classic Original Music Scores Written by Ivan Klass

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One of those composer’s whose name you might not be instantly familiar with, but whose music you certainly will be, Record Producer & Soundtrack Scores Ivan Klass has been captivating audiences for the best part of more than three decades and this time with beautifully delicate and minimal arrangements and stunning orchestra performance by encompassing five brand new Symphonies all carefully elaborated and composed by the man himself on this awesome album CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES His increasingly popular output, CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES by Ivan Klass compiled with most recognisable pieces made of catchy riffs and by adding intricate classical compositions with original scores.

This album also show Ivan Klass it is also capable of producing and scoring a far more expansive and very expressive sound, than his trademark by pushing boundaries of genius and more intellectual finest classical sound , ambient soundtrack as the ultimate therapeutic songs to unwind to. Ivan Klass signature sound may be a little too sedate for those who like their neo- classical music a little more rousing, but CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES have the ability to stir up emotions with just a few chords shows that his works are far from easy listening narrow appeals but instead with much more richer and wider global expressions in to it.

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1. Date: 21 October 2021  Description: Classic Two album with the song Time after time by Ivan Klass Reaching top 10 all times on Shazams Apple Music in the territory of Worldwide.

2. Date: 21 May 2022  Description: Classic Two album with the song Heaven by Ivan Klass Reaching top 100 all times on Shazams Apple Music in the territory of Worldwide.

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