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Original Unique Music Scores and Authorship.

With decades of experience and proven records of many success (see about us page) our British publishing company, Ivan Klass Limited are very pleased to work with your establishment upon written request and consideration, if you are, one of the following:

1. An established film producer,

2. An established film supervisor,

3. An established advertising agency. that needs unique bespoken and very professional sound,

4. An established game production company,

5. A music on hold agency for corporate answering machines on the field of marketing and advertising.

Our original music scores comes with a large catalogue, that span across many decades of bespoken music, sound design, made in various genres from original Classical Music Scores, Electronic Dance, Chillout, Avant Garde and Ambient Sound.


Our online site comes with: 30 seconds preview track-listing for every song with our online audio visual player on site, to make very easy and straight forward for you to fast listen, skip or jump right on the cue of the song and title of your choice and you can browse them all directly from here.

Ivan Klass Original Music Scores

If you want to get in touch with us directly, please use our online contact form from this website by writing on the subject section:

“Bespoke Music Licensing Query From: Your Company Name.”

Our very dedicated expert legal team based in the United Kingdom, will read and carefully consider your proposal to or not about establishing a connection with your company queries.

Or regarding any copyrighted music already been made from our large catalogue, you can contact our official worldwide authorized licensing department PRS FOR MUSIC legally and officially to acquire a commercial licensing permission directly for the territory of the United Kingdom or for anywhere else in the world, that comes from a specific title and copyrighted composition work from our wide catalogue of music genres for your commercial business highly professional needs, seamlessly.

More useful information about our fully copyrighted and registered works worldwide, you can find out also on this page by clicking in here.


Ivan Klass Limited is a British publishing company, registered in England & Wales.

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